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Range Training Support Craft #1 Completed



Marine Group Boat Works has a contract to build three of these vessels for the US Navy. Shown above is a live shot from the shop floor where the second is under construction. The first is upright and outside receiving final outfitting. These aluminum vessels will measure 114x33x12'-6". They will be powered by a pair of CAT 3512C engines rated at 2012hp. DeJong and Lebet, Inc., is designing the vessels to fulfill a variety of missions in support of US Navy training exercises. While the vessels will not be classed or receive a loadline, they are being designed and built to ABS-HSNC rules. Accommodations are being provided for up to 12 persons living on board for a week at sea.


Hull #1 went in the water on January 6, 2009.


1112_0772.JPG (50060 bytes)   




These photos were taken of the first vessel on December 19, 2009:

1112_0202.JPG (37908 bytes) 1112_0203.JPG (55550 bytes) 1112_0208.JPG (62460 bytes) 1112_0204.JPG (67625 bytes) 1112_0210.JPG (56057 bytes)

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