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The signs on the vessel were done by Yachtsign®. Yachtsign has also done the signs for yachts such as JeMaSa, Hooter Patrol IV and Mr. Terrible.

  949 Stern 2.jpg (159341 bytes) 949 Side 1.jpg (245325 bytes)




The Grand Luxe is a 231x46x13.5' Exposition Vessel which is now on her way to Greenwich, CT, for her grand opening.  DeJong and Lebet, Inc., has supplied the Naval Architecture and worked with the owner on the design from the very beginning of the project.  A video of the vessel underway is available here. The following is an excerpt from the owner's brochure:

Prestigious American and European galleries will exhibit their finest works of art aboard SeaFair’s Grand Luxe, a specially designed 228-foot Megayacht.  More than just a fine art fair, Seafair is the world’s first luxury exhibition megayacht hosting truly unique cultural events in coastal communities along the eastern seaboard of the united states.

Targeting affluent markets on an annual route along the eastern seaboard of the United States, SeaFair’s Grand Luxe will undoubtedly be a spectacular attraction while docked at each port. Prestigious, international art dealers, antique dealers and jewelers will welcome collectors and connoisseurs to their "mobile galleries" aboard the world’s first luxury exposition megayacht.

Each annual voyage is divided into multiple, 2 to 4-week segments. Dealers subscribe to segments depending on their market requirements, availability of inventory, breadth of staff, and balance of dealer composition on each trip. Certain segments will be composed solely of modern and contemporary art dealers, while most segments will be primarily composed of a careful blend of art, antique and jewelry dealers. . .


Here's the vessel having stopped over in Charleston on the way north.

949 9.11.07 Charleston 12.jpg (266733 bytes) 949 9.11.07 Charleston 03.jpg (248128 bytes) 949 9.11.07 Charleston 06.jpg (193884 bytes) 949 9.11.07 Charleston 08 .jpg (213404 bytes) 949 enroute to Greenwich.jpg (1211228 bytes) 949 grand-luxe-en-route-to-ct.jpg (359096 bytes)



 The vessel was built at Nichols Brothers Boat Builders on Whidbey Island. In Vancouver, BC, the vessel was loaded onto a Dockwise transport ship for transport to Florida where it will receive final outfitting at Merrill-Stevens Dry Dock.



Here are a few shots coming through the Panama Canal and arriving in Miami.




Expoships has posted on their website an improvised video of the launching.


949-DSCN0459_3.jpg (2659046 bytes)




Following are a few images taken during the construction of the vessel.

February 2007

  949 2007-2-16%20008.jpg (202546 bytes)  949 2007-2-16%20118.jpg (234055 bytes)  949 2007-2-16%20136.jpg (135254 bytes)  949 2007-2-16%20144.jpg (139436 bytes)  949 2007-2-16%20146.jpg (184673 bytes)




January 2007

949 January 2007 7.jpg (336951 bytes) 949 January 2007 6.jpg (282774 bytes) 949 January 2007 5.jpg (374925 bytes) 949 January 2007 4.jpg (293179 bytes) 949 January 2007 3.jpg (315394 bytes) 949 January 2007 2.jpg (306032 bytes)



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