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Recent Vessels:     California Spirit    Endless Dreams   Southside    Key Largo Princess II    Explorer   Newcastle Expedition   Grand Luxe    Miami Lady   Dylan Waxler   Naples Princess   Circle Line   Starfleet Viking

Current Construction:          RTSC     Mary Musgrove

Other Projects:    Atlantis II    Hornblower Hybrid    Eternity    Liquid Vegas     Willamette Star    SkipperLiner    Governor James Baxter Hunt Jr.    Solstice   Lady Jane    Statue of Liberty VI

DeJong & Lebet, Inc., is a full service naval architectural firm, specializing in the design and conversion of all types of vessel, primarily under 400 feet. Partners Andrew D. Lebet and Ed Vaughn, along with founder Norman DeJong head a talented team of marine designers. The DeJong & Lebet team is fully capable of designing your complete vessel and guarantee optimum performance in a cost effective manner.

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Why choose DeJong & Lebet as your naval architect? Because the customer's bottom line is our primary concern. We will go the extra mile to make your vessel the most competitive in the industry, without compromising our high set of standards. We can achieve this because the talents of our experienced design team routinely creates industry innovations. Whether we are designing an air conditioning system or a specialized structural arrangement, our knowledge of  today's techniques and use of state of the art computer hardware and software assures that the customer receives a high quality product.

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We now invite you to take a look at 30 years of design innovations and engineering achievements. For further information on how to contact DeJong & Lebet, please go to the "contact us" page.


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